19 April 2017

UV Broad-Spectrum & LED-Curable, 100% Solids, Very Low Viscosity Conformal Coating

In the new white paper, “UV Broad-Spectrum & LED-Curable, 100% Solids, Very Low Viscosity Conformal Coating”, Dr. Aysegul Kascatan Nebioglu discusses a revolutionary new technology that has been developed as an alternative to thin, solvent-based conformal coatings.

Typically, to achieve a very thin conformal coating, formulations are reduced using solvents. Because of the environmental concerns and slow processing speeds of solvent-based systems, manufacturers are looking for alternative coating methods. Until now, solvent-free light-cure coatings have been unable to meet necessary performance and viscosity requirements. A new dual-cure, light- and heat-curable conformal coating, Multi-Cure® 9452-FC, provides good insulation properties as well as humidity, thermal shock, and corrosion resistance with a viscosity of only 20 cP.

Download the white paper to see the coating’s exceptional performance through reliability tests such as heat and humidity resistance (500 hours at 85°C / 85% relative humidity) and corrosion resistance (sulfur and salt spray resistance).

Courtesy of Dymax

Download the whitepaper here


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