Quality contract electronics manufacturing

When you contract with Roscan Electronics you know your order will be delivered on time and to your specified budget.

It will also be manufactured to industry leading quality standards by a manufacturer that has adopted a quality culture across the board.


Requirements and Acceptance for Cable and Wire harness assemblies.

WHMA-A-620 is the most important process, materials and inspection standard for the cable and wire harness industry. Our operators are trained and certified to this standard and all cables and harnesses are fabricated and inspected to this standard.

ISO 9001

ISO 9001 is the worlds most recognised quality management standard.

By meeting this standard Roscan Electronics demonstrate its ability to consistently provide
products and services that meet and exceed customers’ expectations.

Roscan Electronics has held ISO 9001 certification for many years. Implementing an effective and robust Quality Management System (QMS) provides a durable and sound foundation. Having the right objectives, metrics, and procedures, helps us to focus on the important areas of our business leading Roscan Electronics to achieve excellence in customer service, delivery and satisfaction.


IPC-A-610 is the most widely used
standard published by IPC.

Many customers require our PCB assemblies to be
supplied to a specific IPC class. All of our skilled
technicians are fully trained and certified in IPC 610.
Whether you spec. IPC 610 or not, we will assemble and inspect in accordance with this specification.

We have been using Roscan to supply our PCB assemblies for many years. As we have grown in both size and technical capability, Roscan has kept pace with us.

Logistics Coordinator – OEM – Sorting equipment

Quality contract electronics manufacturing.


Roscan Electronics – a complete Contract Electronics Manufacturing service.

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Roscan Electronics has provided quality electronics since 1977.

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Roscan Electronics is
ISO 9001 approved.

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