23 July 2018


Technology, to become sleeker, faster, stronger more futuristic and developed. To test the limits of every known source on the planet and to out smart and out exist every living thing.

Technology has become the very core of our existence and now we cannot live without it. But where does it start and where will it end?

The one thing we don’t think about. Where did It all start?  How does it become relevant to our lives? Will computers take over the planet and we become their slaves?

No, we are the smarter of our species, so we control what we do and how we build.

But the core of every piece of technology no matter how small, is the PCB.

The mother board, the beating heart, pulsating with each current as if truly alive, and like humans these are all different.

The possibilities are limitless as to what they can do and what they can power. Like the human body, heart, lungs, liver, it’s all needed to survive, and a board is much the same. The bare board is nothing alone as we are nothing without our skeleton. But when all the pieces start coming together, the body, the current, the pulsating breath, a life takes over.

Resistors, capacitors and IC’s are the vital organs that power and manipulate the current as blood running through veins.

Technology is endless, and we are the creators.


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