30 August 2017

Roscan Electronics takes a huge leap in production capacity.

After the delivery of a new Pick & Place machine early in August, Roscan Electronics is excited to announce that last week saw the installation of yet another Pick & Place machine.


Originally planned for the end of the year, the increased requirement for PCBA meant it just could not wait.

“As the demand for our PCBA service increases, these new machines greatly expand capacity in terms of component placements per hour and the batch size quantities Roscan Electronics are able to produce.”

“With this increase in output from the P&P department, our AOI machines, two of which were installed earlier in the year, are performing their intended role admirably, by inspecting all product both pre and post reflow, helping to ensure our customers receive the very highest quality product .”

Building work begins on a new storage area next week and following completion of that, a new extraction system, compressor and compressed air feed system will be installed.

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