PCB manufacturing

We source our PCB’s from a range of approved fabricators both in the UK and offshore. This enables us to provide boards from 24hrs from UK suppliers to volume batches from partners in the Far East.

Different manufacturers specialise in distinct areas. High or low volume, fast turnaround, multilayers, flexible, etc. Roscan Electronics cover all aspects of circuit board manufacture with our approved portfolio of suppliers.

We remove your frustration of having to scour different fabricators to find the right match for your project.

High Technology

Companies who supply our high technology product are largely UK based. We are able to source extremely high-end PCB’s from a range of suppliers with the very latest technical capabilities.

Fast turnaround

Even Multilayers can be supplied in 24hrs. When prototyping, or when a time critical project puts you under pressure, Roscan Electronics can solve the problem.

Volume manufacture

We all know that the Far East manufactures competitively priced volume products. At Roscan Electronics we put this to your advantage by sourcing boards from our approved suppliers in China and Korea with both technical competence and volume capacity. The deliveries may not take as long as you think!

Quality contract electronics manufacturing.


Roscan Electronics – a complete Contract Electronics Manufacturing service.

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Roscan Electronics has provided quality electronics since 1977.

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Roscan Electronics is
ISO 9001 approved.

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