27 July 17

Will battery boost benefit Britain?

The UK government’s decision to invest £246m in the development of battery technology puts energy storage at the heart of […]

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18 July 17

Power Electronics Expo UK

Power Electronics in the UK is driving significant change across a range of industry sectors including the renewable energy generation, […]

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13 July 17

Revolutionary Approach for Thermal Conductance Improvement

This application note presents the new ISOPLUS247 power package featuring 2500 V internal isolation, which gives a revolutionary approach that […]

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12 July 17

New Low Cost Dual 5A Gate Driver IC

The IX4340 IC is a 5A dual low-side MOSFET driver. It features CMOS and TTL compatible inputs, and also two […]

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11 July 17

Quasi-Resonant Switching Power Supply ICs

Here is a look back of the LC5500 series, a Sanken product, that acts as a switching power supply IC […]

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Quality contract electronics manufacturing.


Roscan Electronics – a complete Contract Electronics Manufacturing service.

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Roscan Electronics has provided quality electronics since 1976.

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Roscan Electronics is
ISO 9001 approved.

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