UK Printed Circuit Board & Contract Electronics Manufacturing

PCB Design

With four decades of electronic engineering experience, Roscan Electronics offers complete product build - PCB design, layout, assembly, manufacturing and testing.


Cable Manufacturing

Roscan Electronics has expertise in a wide range of connector styles, from typical industrial PC applications, through to MIL-spec assemblies for high durability, all made to our exacting standards.


Antenna Manufacture

We produce antennae for a range of applications, both civilian and military, and have all the necessary test equipment to ensure that each antenna passes the most stringent quality and functional assessments.


pcb design & prototyping uk
Our breadth of expertise, gained over the last 30 years, has come from working with leading companies, all of whom have given Roscan QA Approval.

We have developed a quality culture, supported by ongoing employee training, and we have adopted the IPC/WHMA-A-610 workmanship standards for PCB assembly.

We are committed to continual development, so you can be assured that when you choose Roscan, you're choosing quality you can trust.